Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Digging into some more implementation work to see how well this refinement reconstruction strategy I have in mind plays out in practice. At the front-end level, it's always fun to play with parser combinators again. There are some easy but must-be-dealt-with* problems up ahead, which make me feel like research is after all not so different from undergraduate homeworks --- it's just that you have to write the homework, and then do it.

I seem to be doing the ol' paradoxical vicious cycle between self-isolating and noticing that I'm lonely again, with an exception made for Girard reading group at PHI. Girard's writing (and mathematical) style tends to make me feel cranky and self-righteous, though, and I feel sorta bad for lashing out at noam and william as a consequence.

*grr, would like to say problemoj facilaj sed farendaj, but don't know how to so cleanly in english... I haven't had a real conversation in esperanto for years and years, but these little morphological conveniences still creep up in my brain from time to time.
Tags: math, social, work

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