Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Pretty fun day. Our team (wjl, _tove, and _tove's friend Tiago from New Zealand) rocked the KGB puzzle hunt. I really want to think I'm not just saying this because we won, but I think it was quite well-designed and (I reckon probably) well-playtested. None of the puzzles, even including the ones we didn't solve, seemed really unfair or ridiculous or what-have-you after their solutions were revealed. Good job, to both the designers and our fellow puzzle-hunters. Especially to that team that actually solved the Blocks of Letters puzzle, damn.

Afterwards had some dinner with people, wherein I attempted (to appreciable modest success) to hone my skills of reading groen's mind and predicting which joke he will make/appreciate next.

Finally, saw "Big Fish" at Sherbrook. Hard to find fault with it. It seems somehow to be spiritual kin to the story in Baudolino, since it depends on the unreliable narrator's constant stream of bullshit stories being incredibly endearing and of the "oh man but I wish it were true" sort.
Tags: movies, puzzles, social

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