Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went climbing, had an okay time. Got a new V2 in the cave, but was unusually tired after that.

In the evening, saw "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind", a performance by wacky theater troupe "The Neo-Futurists". Quite good. It is somehow vaguely comparable to the Red-Eye Theater Project which I saw back on the 6th, in that plays are written and performed rather fast compared even to traditional one-act plays, but I think pushing performances all the way down to the scale of on the order of two minutes (TMLMTBGB) and doing tons of them works much, much better than about twenty (Red-Light).

The neofuturists have other constraints they seem to like to impose on themselves, namely (a) "not playing characters" and claiming that all their plays have at least the kernel of some truth pertinent to the actual people performing it and (b) constantly breaking the fourth wall and involving the audience. I don't personally care much about either of these, and would enjoy other punchy, short works.
Tags: climbing, theater

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