Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Getting kind of severely frustrated with research stuff. I know there must be something decent I can do with type reconstruction, but it's been a lot of beating my head against an unyielding wall lately. Need to simply write other stuff down meanwhile. Got into email contact with Nathan Linger over at Portland State, who is doing some proof irrelevance-ish work that's kind of interesting.

Over the weekend I had some really good conversations with chrisamaphone and gwillen, and hung out with Karen briefly and got to see her fabulous new apartment at last. The general lesson I am learning about Karen is, if it is pan-shaped and comes in a pan and she made it and it is food, you should eat it, and maybe put jam on it first. This has been borne out by most (if not all?) of the times I have visited her apartment she is making food. Once crepes, and once (this time) strawberry pancakes, and the other time it was ribs, which I guess do not taste good with jam at all. That being back when her boyfriend was actually in town and not touring, which is too bad, since he also seemed like good people, which I suppose is subsumed by the other lesson about Karen, which is that most (if not all?) the people she knows are Good People.
Tags: social, work

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