Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Saw a documentary "Manufactured Landscapes" about photographer Ed Burtynsky over at Regent Square with Rebecca. It was pretty intense. Burtynsky's photography covers the effect of manufacturing and industry on, well, the world around us. The brutal, almost mythological hugeness of factories, landfills, shipyards, strip mines, parking lots, piles of coal, reservoirs of oil, the three gorges dam, the city of Shanghai; it's shoved in your face until you're numb with it, a tiny and bewildered cell of this organism of humanity that has seen fit to take a ravenous, angular bite out of one portion of earth, and shit all over another. The pacing of the film is glacially slow but it's deliberate, and effective. I'd recommend it fairly enthusiastically.

Earlier in the day I think I made some headway simplifying HLF unification yet again. At this rate, it may actually make a nice paper, not just some cobbled-together result that only barely works as I once feared.
Tags: movies, work
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