Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Spoons got me to go to this Feist show at the last minute. It was pretty decent. I sorta liked the opening band, "Rogue Wave". I am a total musical ignoramus, and so was not really familiar with either of the bands' music, and I suspect I would have liked it a little better if only I had the chance to warm up to it. Although some of Feist's songwriting had that meandering we-don't-believe-in-chorus-verse-structure quality that sometimes makes me antsy. Blame for my antsiness could also be laid at the feet of the woman a few rows in front of me twitching her foot to the music only not remotely accurately staying with the beat of the music at alllll arghhhhh. But pay no attention to me and my OCD. There was a brief interlude at D's afterwards, where there was a pleasantly large population of familiar people who have all come back from summer.
Tags: music

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