Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Day 3 of Camp Spoonhowopic:

Lack of sleep kind of kicking in now. Stayed up till like 2am last night playing poker. Today is the day they try to get us to actually do campy physical activities like sack races and perform skits and what-not and I was not really up for most of it, but that was fine. Played a little bocce with derek and rose and one of kathy's aunts and then later again with adam and susan. That was nice.

Talked a bunch of math with a dude named Landon, who I think convinced me again of Higman's Lemma. He's a set theorist that works with crazy big countable ordinals, so to explain stuff about Higman and Kruskal's results (and by extension about ε0 and Γ0) must have seemed like baby-talk for him, but it was still cool to listen to.

Very late in the evening after dinner and all the competition stuff was over, I had a lovely time talking a while about academia and life and stuff with heather philips, and played some Puerto Rico with susan, adam, courtney, and tom.
Tags: spoonhowopic

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