Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Day 2 of Camp Spoonhowopic:

More people showing up, some board games have begun to be played. The Copic family are apparently intense board-gaming fiends. Interesting to see white-haired grammas mulling over what's the most strategically prudent thing to do during the builder phase in Puerto Rico. Kathy's brother showed me a game he designed called Traitor, which I liked a lot. Much like Tigris & Euphrates there is some play to who controls which pieces as the game goes on. It's also I think well-calibrated as to how much luck matters.

At night there was good ol'-fashioned music-making and ghost stories around the campfire. There were plenty of great musicians to listen to; tom7 performed the awesome camp theme song he wrote, and Jeff Solomon played a few of his songs, and the the huge pile of guitars in the audience broke out into whatever familiar tunes they could remember as they came up. Fun, fun, fun.
Tags: spoonhowopic

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