Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Today I left for Camp Spoonhowopic, a summer-camp-esque weekend in Allegany State Park in upstate New York organized by my friends Kathy Copic and Dan Spoonhower. By way of explanation, it is more or less a surrogate "let's get all our family and friends together" event in lieu of a big fancy traditional wedding, which they did not want to have, but really it is its own sorta thing.

It was weird suddenly being merely three hours from pittsburgh but in a place with totally no internet and only occasional spotty cell-phone coverage. On the plus side, the grounds are obscenely scenic ("obscenic") and pretty and pine trees and gossamery curtains of fog oh man.

There weren't too many people yet thursday night, but we got to meet some of Spoons's family, and Eileen and Aaron made delicious from-scratch little pizzas on the grill for us.
Tags: spoonhowopic

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