Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Got a bunch of work done today; went climbing for a little while after, did very well. Got a couple new V1s including the damn yellow-taped overhang traverse-ish one that's been bugging me for weeks, a new V1/2, and a V2/3 (my first!) on which I was able to use the unfair advantage of my height. It was a very short course, and the main difficulty was just pulling your feet way up at a couple of points; you get both your hands up on a big hemispherical hold, bring your right foot way up, stand up on that, rotate your whole body so you're at the right angle for the next tiny little handhold, pull your left leg all the way up pretty much to where your left hand is and smear against the wall, stand up on that and you're done.
Tags: climbing

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