Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Some things I do not recommend:
  • Chicken Cheese Steak at Uncle Sam's Subs
  • That pizza place on Craig near Forbes
  • Playing Freeciv for several hours without getting up
  • The movie "Howard's End". Helena Bonham Carter's and Emma Thomson's and
  • Anthony Hopkins's acting is fine, but the story just kind of doesn't do anything for me.

Some things that I do recommend:
  • Talking to gustavolacerda about ICA. It's neat stuff.
  • The compose-cancel-confirm-uses-yes option in pine. Idunno if facilities upgraded to a new version of pine or whatever in the last couple of months, but for some reason it switched to asking for me to hit "C" to confirm that I wanted to do various things instead of "Y" as my fingers have been trained to.
Tags: food, math, movies

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