Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went to a totally sweet backyard barbecue at pepperedjane's. Serge had a croquet set which quickly got turned into SUPER XXX ULTIMATE FIGHTING KRÖ-KWETT with obstacles and ramps and shit. Awfully fun, even if I never made it over the god-damned ramp.

Made a little 2:00ish recording of me trying to pick out a melody over some C#7/G#7b13 alternating piano stuff.

Oh man! Turns out my keyboard has an audio-in jack. If I plug the guitar into it and crank up all pertinent volumes and use headphones, I can fool myself that it's kind of like a really crappy amp. Still better than nothing, and also better than playing through audacity's crappy high-latency software pass-through garbage. As a consequence, another very short recording.
Tags: guitar, music, social

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