Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Played music over at Rick Wood's again, super fun. Immediately after that gustavolacerda invited me to a barbecue associated with some formal epistemology workshop that is going on, of which I have sadly already missed most of the talks. Still I had a surprisingly good time just socializing with people at the barbecue — I'm told (with equal parts cynicism and pragmatism) by many people that this aspect of conferences is typically the most important anyway, so maybe it's not a total tragedy :) In particular I got to meet easwaran in person for the first time, who told me very lucidly about Borel's Paradox. Troubling but interesting stuff; troubling because according to kenny the solution is to define the concept of conditional probability not just on the two events involved, but also on the partition of event-space from which the event being conditioned on is drawn. And the choice of this partition can change the answer! I'm not sure what I think about this yet.
Tags: math, music, social

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