Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I was wandering around campus this evening and heard some awesome music coming out of Maggie Mo, so I went in to investigate. Turns out it was local band Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies practicing for their upcoming east coast tour. They sold me a copy of their eponymous album; I haven't finished listening to it yet, but thumbs tentatively up so far. "February 3rd" is fun with all of its rather "House of the Rising Sun"-ish chordal moves, as is "Summer's Ending". Listening to them practice was pretty fuckin' amazing, though. I really loved just the minimal drum+guitar+violin mix up close and loud in an empty room with good acoustics.

The album's cover is hilariously straining to be trendy from a typographic point of view: Cooper Black, something that looks very close to Bookman Swash but isn't quite, and some hand-drawn-looking geometric characters with all the counters filled in. Oh, filled-in counters. By 1989 I thought you were all played out, but I guess I was wrong and you are hangin' with the cool kids again.

Speaking of fonts, tom7 is apparently the creator of one of the Top Ten Free Hipster Fonts, namely "Action Jackson". I know I sure see it all over the place on T-shirts and stuff. It could probably also beat up all the other fonts on that list.
Tags: fonts, music
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