Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Arrived downtown just in time to grab a bagel and get to the city-county building by 8:30. I was already sort of antsy waiting around in the assignment room for just an hour, and I started getting a little worried when they played a tape that had on it pretty early the admonition that "many jurors are confused and think that they only have to serve one day". Well, yeah, when the paperwork you send us seems to imply exactly that! I guess that is still relatively common that you get summoned and then dismissed, but I didn't want to risk getting assigned to a week-long trial when I have, you know, two things to play at in the next four days after which important parts of the band will be in california for the summer.

So I got in line for postponements when they told us to, worrying all the while that the state government would not give half a shit about my frivolous rocking-out-related excuse, but I was pleasantly surprised that the administrative person I had to talked to jumped to far more reasonable conclusions. She asked me right away, "full-time student?" I say, "yeah". "Where do you go?" "CMU" "When does school get out?" "Well, finals week ends in about a week, I think?" "Okay, we'll summon you when it's more convenient".

Never mind that I have had no final exams for at least two semesters.

After that I took the chance to wander around downtown a while, sketched some lovely intertwining highways, and found the downtown branch of the library, the library always being a reliable bearer of sweet, sweet internet.
Tags: jury duty

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