Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Things I forgot to mention about yesterday:
  • finished "Philosophical Investigations". Pretty decent, but not as mindblowing as I remembered.
  • Played dachte's accordion a little bit at the KGB BBQ. Surprisingly fun. I am not sure whether my next musical purchase should be an electric guitar, or an accordion. It sounds as if they are in roughly the same price range.

Today on the other hand I

  • Reviewed a paper which I was excited about because of the abstract, but which disappointed me with its contents.
  • Started reading Allan Gurganus's "Plays Well With Others" because I recognized the cover in the library as a Chip Kidd design. It's actually quite a good read so far. Despite the incredible downer of a topic — a bunch of bohemian kids getting caught by AIDS in mid-80s NYC — the prose is humanist and fun, and dances around in its underwear uninhibited, as if the inevitability of death can't compete with the inevitability of life.
Tags: books, music, work

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