Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Paulette departed home for the summer today. Sad! At least it is only for a few months, and will likely be punctuated by some visting and whatnot.

Ben Pierce was in town from UPenn giving a talk about "Resourceful Lenses". I partially understood it. On the one hand, I definitely care about the problem he is working on, that is, figuring out how to account for changes to (rather expressively determined) subsets of data. Specifically this issue is at the heart of what tools as mundane as diff and patch do. On the other hand, I have this sense the basic style of approach he (along with, well, pretty much everyone else under the sun) is taking is doomed in the long run by its dependence on non-intensional representations of changes, and yet I still can't articulate very satisfyingly what the defining characteristics of it are that I find so doom-ful.

Later on in the evening I finally met this bassist Rick of "Selfish Jane" fame. He is a pretty cool guy, who plays both the upright and the electric like nobody's business. We all went through couple of Ditty Bops tunes and Tom Waits's "Diamonds on my Windshield", and Ben Harper's "Brown Eyed Blues". Also at the very end just he and I poked at "Blue Monk" which is just such a perennially great little tune to improvise over.
Tags: math, music, tragic

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