Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Sean McLaughlin showed me a little mini-textbook on some of the stuff that simrob had already told me a bit about concerning random graphs and resistor networks. Awfully cute connections there. I think I might have more of a chance understanding mdinitz the next time I talk to him...

Practice with n1h2k today; went all right I guess. I was feeling kind of sleepy and sloppy. "Pink Bullets" is owning my brain too much for its own good.

After my vague grumpiness grew to an even vaguer climax around dinnertime and I plopped myself down in the nearest open public building (being easter, a lot of stuff was closed, so I resorted to the big tower-shaped pitt dorms) to read me some Nicholson Baker, a random pitt student tried to offer me a chocolate easter egg — I only declined because of my dumb chocolate allergy, which she, like most chocolate-eating humans, seemed to regard as a great tragedy, but we got to having one of those great hey-we're-complete-strangers-but-why-not-have-an-actual-conversation random conversation about movies and music and stuff. Faith in humanity, as concerns being generally friendly and nice: reaffirmed.
Tags: life, math, music

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