Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So there is this band "No One Has To Know" that consists of some grad students and also I am in it. We played our first show tonight! It was implausibly fun. No major disasters, and the minor problems that occurred were smoothed over, uh, smoothly. My soloing was a bit shaky on "mad world" and especially "the metro" as usual, but I'm happy what came out of "close to me". The band that came on after us ("Spherical Camel") was great, a nice pop-funk mix, solid drumming, nice cello parts, good mix of guitar and bass stuff. Their keyboardist was going completely nuts by the end. I am sorely jealous of his synthesizer, with its juicy, warbling hammondy organ sounds.

We all went to Bites & Brews after: I find their pizza a bit more palatable with pepperoni and sausage than with chicken and bacon. Even though with either set of toppings it is objectively better, it still kind of tastes unfortunately like I remember crappy ol' Pizza Outlet tasting back when I was a freshman. Something about the mealiness of the crust. Also their soda fountain is somehow messed up.

The peoples then collectively decided to go to some party hosted by people at the very fringes of our friend-of-friend graph; I got as far as the front door and decided I'd rather head home than cram myself into a room full to the walls of people.
Tags: food, music, social

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