Jason (jcreed) wrote,

This evening was even more ridiculously social. I think I am slowly wearing down my introvert brain by repeated exposure. Talked to wjl about refinement types, various people at the TG, mostly mdinitz at Jake Donham's going-away-to-work-for-a-cellphone-startup going-away party at the Sharp Edge (from whom I learned about Laplacian matrices and the Gershgorin Circle Theorem and and their applications in linear algebra) and pretty much everyone else at nowpicnic's going-away-to-work-for-CERN going-away party.

I have discovered that goob has a copy of the Codex Serafinianus and other insanely awesome books and is all too eager to have people over to his house to look at insanely awesome books and perhaps eat food or something. I need to take him up on this offer.
Tags: books, social

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