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[Mar. 27th, 2007|11:59 pm]

Super hazy listless day.

I read Culik's 1996 paper "An aperiodic set of 13 Wang tiles", the current record-holder I think for simplest aperiodic Wang tile set. It's a very readable paper for the most part, although I got a little lost around his definition of M'_{1/2}.

I came across in Barnes & Noble's a crazy book called, innocuously enough, "What is Quantum Mechanics?" except it is completely insane, due to a combination of factors, that it
(i) is in translation from Japanese
(ii) is full of Manga-ish talking heads offering commentary on the running text
(iii) is written by Transnational College of LEX AKA the Hippo Family Club AKA several other things, which occupies that strange nexus — much like my experience with esperanto and esperantists — of being extremely interesting from the point of view of involving people who love languages and new ideas and who want to "engineer" and optimize the learning process, but at the same time seeming eerily cultish.