Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Dunno how to end this lyrically or musically. Maybe needs some kind of a bridge.

   D             D                   A                      A
So Emily said to Joe: there are some things that you should know
      Em              Em             G              A     
And I oughta get them off my chest before I have to go
     D              D                A              A
I'll try to make it simple, oh, I'll try to make it clear
Em                         Em               G                A                     
What I've learned from the time we've had together all these years

    D                D             A       A
The atomic weight of Tungsten is 1 8 3 . 8 4
Em         Em                G                 A
Borges is amazing, yeah, but Marcel Proust's a bore
     D               D                A                A
I've learned so many things about the world and my own self
        Em          Em              G               A
But the only ones I care about came from that dusty shelf


  Bm                 F#m                 G                 G
I used your favorite toothbrush when you weren't around to see
  Bm            F#m             G                A
I dreaded every moment that you spent alone with me
  Bm                F#m           G                   D
I find your laugh annoying, and I hate that you can't cook
Em         Em                 G      A
    I only loved you for your books


  D               D                  A             A
I don't feel very educated about the way that we relate
      Em            Em           G               A
But I know Franciso Goya died in Eighteen Twenty-Eight
  D                   D           A                 A
I know the Dutch Stadtholders and most the Kings of France
  Em                Em             G             A
I know that all you think about is getting in my pants


D               D               A                  A
It's no fiction that I'd rather leave you now than stay
Em                   Em         G             A
Though I'll miss the biographic epics and the plays
        D             D               A           A
And the Vonneguts and Conrads and the Kafka and Camus
    Em              Em              G               A
All in their first editions, and in mint condition, too

Tags: songwriting

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