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I still have a perennial fascination for stories about the potency of cults and religions and belief systems that reach out to the most fundamental frontiers of things a person can have beliefs about. This one about Heaven's Gate is interesting. It turns out the whole group did not commit suicide — one member was intentionally "left behind" and has since written about his experience and given interviews.

...The videos — a 12-tape lesson plan, along with the entire collection of the Heaven’s Gate suicide videography — which Rio believes were censored by the media, can in fact be checked out from the social-science stacks downtown. When I asked the reference librarian how these materials got on the shelves, he looked them up in the computer and said, “Someone from the public ordered them. You would be surprised the requests we get.” Later, I walked by another librarian as he got a call from someone looking for reference materials on comparative alien digestive tracts. “We don’t have information like that,” he explained with admirable composure. “No one on Earth does.”
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