Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I played a little 25-minute set of random music at Kiva Han today as part of some Pitt students' anti-Darfur-genocide petitiony congress-person-letter-writing campaign-event-thing. I regret not having the appropriate timing to see many of the other people playing, but the band that was on before me was pretty chill and pleasant to listen to, and I chatted with their drummer a bit and swapped contact info.

Definitely a bit of an ego boost hearing total strangers (as well as decidedly unstrange people like fancybred and simrob who showed up despite my ninja-like stealth, having seen my name on some poster somewhere) saying they liked my stuff. Of course I self-critically tend to focus on all the bits where I messed up, but whatever. More objectively, I do notice that I get more hurried when I play in front of other people, and aim for more note-dense fast pyrotechnics (which tends to lead to more mistakes) instead of paying attention to setting up some sort of reasonable dynamic structure across the span of a song, or making the melody actually sing right instead of just getting from point A to point B. Something to work on in the future.

Anyway, it was fun! I think I may try hitting the open mic at Kiva Han next week if my understanding is right that they're having one.

Afterwards went to Mike Beattie's St. Patrick's Day party. Good to see madmadammim and sackofbob and sweaterella and Dan "Dan" Fernandez and everyone else.
Tags: music, social

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