Jason (jcreed) wrote,

There is a nontrivial chain of blame, here.

Because meshach had the idea of inviting a group of guitar noobs such as myself (and other, less noob-like persons) over for a weekly thursday mutual learning-teaching sort of guitar lesson thing, I happened to have my guitar at D's last thursday, whereupon gustavolacerda started playing it, and played specifically the Extreme ballad "More Than Words" and then nowpicnic stage-whispered over to me "hey, you know this song is basically about how the guy wants her to put out, right?" and I was like "Nooooo!" and iole200 was like "I know, right? that's totally what that song is about" and I was like "Nooooo!" and I was inconsolable.

Except later I related this incident to _tove and she responded immediately with a phrase that inexorably stuck in my head, because it so aptly summarized the contradiction inherent in such a lovely piece of music with such a regrettable interpretation, and it didn't leave my poor head alone until I had scribbled down a overly-pretty ballad with that terrible, perfect phrase forming the chorus.

Em    C                 Em          C     
   Oh baby please don't    go away
Am          C                     G         G      
   I know I said some things that I regret
Em              C               Em                   C
   You know how much I love you    and I want you to stay
      Am         C           D             D
And I    promise this time I won't forget,    oh

G  D   Am  C
oh mmm mmm mmm
G  D   Am  C
oh mmm mmm mmm

Em            C             Em                 C
You say I'm insensitive but I don't think it's true
Am                 C              G              G
  'Cause I feel so strongly about being close to you
Em      C        Em             C
   So before you    make your rebuttal
            Am        C    D            D
Please just    let me   be   a bit less subtle, oh

   G        D               Am    C
my darling    take off your pants
   G        D               Am    C
oh my love    take off your pants


And, you know, somehow I gotta work in there "let's apply for naked-research grants". Doesn't scan that well though.
Tags: songwriting

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