Jason (jcreed) wrote,

There was a little hack party today for SIGBOVIK. It was fun, and encouraging — I think the actual event will be a success at this rate.

In the evening, saw a movie named "Music and Lyrics" with vystrel and szudzik (whose name I amazingly spelled right on the first try) and someone else whose name I think was maybe dana? The movie was imported, I suspect, from the Platonic World of Ideal RomComs. This isn't the kind of movie I really seek out — I didn't even know it had been decided on as the one to be seen until like an hour before — but it was pretty amusing nonetheless. Whoever was writing the music had a pretty spot-on parody of Britney Spears circa "Toxic", melodically speaking. Some of the ostensibly 80s music was similarly excellent pastiche, but the ballads didn't seem right at all.
Tags: movies, music, social
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