Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Man, CMU jazz ensemble knows how to have a good time. Ran into Kelsey and gustavolacerda there, and chatted with them a bit, and saw Tarsis merely from afar. As for the music: They brought in guitarist Joe Negri this time to play with them. He is pretty awesome. Also there was Allison Decker, whom I jammed with once a long time ago with Jahanzeb, him on guitar and her on cello, but tonight she was just singing, in Portuguese, over some Bossa Nova-y song, although I'm not sure it was technically actually Bossa Nova or what. But damn does she have a voice on her. The highlight of the set for me personally was probably "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" though — it might be my favorite Mingus tune. It's so dark and brothels and whiskey and neon and vile, muddy rainwater in the gutters, and beauty despite it.
Tags: music

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