Jason (jcreed) wrote,

In kind of an up-and-down mood today. Tired from being up late last night. Ran into martinivixen while I was walking around in squill. Took a moment of concentration to figure out what the shouts of "jason! car!" were about, but we had a nice little brief chat before the light turned green and she drove off.

In other news I am happy to report that relaxatorium's nagging finally got me to make one-clicky download archives of the fonts at at http://jcreed.org/fonts/. It includes Birbaslo, a formerly semi-secret face that I developed specially for Camp Spoonhowopic, an awesome post-wedding-esque event my friends spoons and copic are planning this fall. It think perhaps it is fair to say that it is post-wedding in the sense of post-modern, post-rock, and perhaps even post-secret, but to be truthful I am not so sure about that last one.

Here are some shots of it, developing from bland early tests to super-ultra-garish demo:

It has several more dingbats than are pictured, all in their correct unicode slots. It also appears in the latest poster for sigbovik.
Tags: fonts, random

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