Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Thesis proposal T-45 minutes.

I told myself things would probably go wrong and yet be okay eventually. This turned out to be quite true so far. My external member can't do Flash, so no master-slave slide advance widget. Oh well, I can export to a sequence of images. I went to the wrong place initially to get the speakerphone, but then I found where to go. I was given a key to return the speakerphone to someone's office for the weekend since it'll be after hours, but no, I am supposed to return it to a different place. The room I booked didn't seem to have a phone jack at all, but then it did. The speakerphone couldn't possibly be plugged into the power and the phone jack at the same time, but then I found the extension cable for the phone jack. The wad of tape holding one end of the cable into the speakerphone fell out, and so it wouldn't hold a connection, but Dan Licata and I managed to rig it back up, also needing to tape the broke-ass telephone connector to the extension cable. The phone number I received for my external member totally didn't work at first, but then I figured out where in the crazy dialing sequence the 011 code went.

All set!


Ok, gave the talk. It went tons better than the practice. Frank, Bob and Karl seemed mostly okay with it, modulo some technical issues... However, I totally wasn't able to get ahold of my external committee member, which is a pity. Just got his answering machine. We'll see what happens about that...
Tags: thesis

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