Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I'm ploughing ahead revising the proposal talk at an apparently steady rate of about 8 slides per hour. Given that I take about 45 seconds per slide (assuming a high density of mere "animation" slides where the slide essentially stays the same but with a shift in focus or other minor change) this means 6 minutes per hour, yielding a Flash-wanking-time-to-talk-time ratio of 10. Not too bad!

Also, it is amusing to note the the difference in reactions between
"hey do I know you from the internet?"
"hey do I know you from this totally random thing that surely suggests no greater likelihood that we have anything in common than if I knew you from the internet, but occurred in person?"

The second wins so much. The backstory is that I hung out in the WRCT studio for a little while last sunday night, and watched half an hour of Horse & Burro Adoption playing a live set on air. Thus, "hey, do I know you from that band? in which you were playing the triangle?" said to the girl I saw playing the triangle in the band totally worked as a conversation-starter, and was construed as polite and sensible interest in her triangle-playing skillz. She was quick to point out that she also played the guitar during the same set, using a wrench as a slide. Horse & Burro Adoption is a crazy, crazy group of noise-making peoples.
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