Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Today during breaks from proposal talk hacking, I read an old 1971 paper by Penrose titled "applications of negative-dimensional tensors" which introduces his crazy but immensely cute notation for tensor contraction (and symmetrization and anti-symmetrization and other operations) and then I found out wandering through Barnes and Nobles with relaxatorium and aleffert that his recent book, "The Road To Reality" is out in paperback now, and it was only $25 for over 1000 pages of material. Sometimes I find price-per-page ratios like that irresistible.

Also the material looks pretty good: very light on his usual eyebrow-raising theories about the connection between quantum mechanics and consciousness (although they definitely get a nod during the introduction) and very heavy on detailed summary of a lot of modern physics, and the math it's made out of. It perplexes me that he apologizes for mentioning crazy things like the logarithm function in early chapters and breezily introduces fields of covectors over manifolds later on, but I guess he is trying to get total math noobs to at least enjoy the first few chapters.
Tags: books, physics

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