Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So I was writing a simple little bit of network code in SML so that when I give my thesis proposal talk, I can have my external member view a flash presentation that automatically stays at the slide I am currently showing, instead of me having to constantly say over the phone things like "ok go to slide five now". The idea being that the presenter and observer's copies of the presentation talk to a little server, which only has to echo messages from one to the other.

I remember the exact moment when I thought to myself "hm! It won't be too big a deal to just go ahead and use a ref here" and it wasn't fifteen minutes later it had already produced a bug. Stupid state! Given that my thesis project is essentially about how to design a system to support reasoning about nice encodings of stateful languages and logics, I think it's fair to say that it's officially the bane of my existence.
Tags: programming, talks, work

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