Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Accumulated enough font work over the last couple weeks to be worth showing:

It's an italic based loosely on some lettering I found (a portion of which appears above) in the Rumsey Historical Map Collection. Pretty much all the lettering in all the maps there is in a heartbreakingly nice old-tymey didone style, so I just picked some map at random and started working from it. As usual, my spacing is severely bad at such an early stage in the design, but the lettershapes are coming together. I've arrived at a somewhat largish italic slant (about 18-20 degrees) that is much less than the source, which is insanely slanted. My counters (especially notice the a and e) are more generous, and the x-height looks a little smaller on my end. Not sure how to judge it in the absence of caps yet.
Tags: fonts

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