Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Saw Frank Warren, creator of PostSecret talk tonight over at Pitt. It was kind of interesting, but nothing mind-blowing. I like how someone who was not trying to achieve a career as an artist just sort of had a good idea and pursued it, and it turned into something interesting. He sure used a heck of a lot of artsy-fartsy terminology, though, all creatin' a dialogue this and achieving D.I.Y. authenticity that.

He said that a common reaction that he got when he was first out canvassing in person for secrets in D.C. was "hmph! I don't have any secrets!" which of course he didn't believe for a second. I want to feel the same way, but I do realize I have a handful of things that I pretty much don't expect to tell anyone anytime soon — and that they are mostly that I care about certain people way more or less than I ought to or am expected to. Things closer to the borderline, that I do actually admit to occasionally, but still feel some sort of residual embarrasment about, include such as that I have a pretty robust recurring worry that I am at any given time going to soon go like the serious hardcore hallucinatin'-fictional-people sort of crazy, or that just maybe I already have. But this has been going on on and off most my adult life so I have managed to work around it.

Also I like to think that I have pragmatic reasons for keeping the secrets I do — it's not a huge burden keeping it all bottled up, it's just that I coldly predict bad or merely no-benefit things coming of pointing them out.
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