Jason (jcreed) wrote,

The Generalists' movie tonight was "In America", which I would have forgotten was being shown had I not been wandering through Wean anyway at the right time. I'm glad I caught it; it was pretty good. A little bit sappy, but somehow just done in the right way, so as I didn't mind it. Basically, the story is the titanic struggle between the childish optimism of two immigrant children versus New York City. Childish Optimism trounces its cynical adversary 49-0, but the City's star quarterback, The Still-mysterious-since-the-setting-is-the-early-80s HIV Virus, it puts up a pretty good fight. Plus some stuff about their parents, and poverty, and coping with death.

Also, doot de doo certainly this had nothing to do with my positive assessment of the movie please ignore me biting my thumb and being all god damn. And that doesn't even include all the obliteratingly charming irish accents possessed by all four of the main characters.
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